Citizenship and Immigration CanadaSaskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program


The Settlement Services offered through the Battlefords Immigration Resource Centre are designed to cover the areas that newcomers to Canada may need assistance with.  We have found that people often require assistance with:  Immigration and Visas,  Life Resources and Studying and Education.


 Immigrating to Canada involves applying  for a visa, either long-, or short-term.  At the Battlefords Immigration Resource Centre, we can give you information on what types of Canadian visas there are, and which may be most suitable for the situation.  We are proud to be able to offer our clients the following services:

  • Information on and access to visa application forms and guides
  • Assistance in reviewing  completed application packages
  • Access to computers to complete online applications


The Battlefords Immigration Resource Centre can provide assistance to newcomers in settling into life in Saskatchewan.  We are able to offer newcomers access to a variety of services including:

  • Information on Health Services available in the community, including: doctors, dentists, and hospital and insurance information
  • Information on Banking and Finances including : how to get a bank account,  information on local financial institutions and credit unions
  • Information on the Family and Recreation, such as:
    • Child Care, daycares and things to do
    • events hosted by the Centre and the community
  • Other information as it may be needed for settling into the community such as: power, water and rental information, transportation information, as well as assis    tance in locating any other community services as need arises.


We can offer assistance to newcomers who would like to continue their post-secondary education, register for English classes or start out by applying for a Study Permit.

We also match newcomers with community-based volunteers to practice English, as well as give information on specialized work-related courses.


Staff may be able to arrange for a translator to be present to help you when discussing:

  • Information related to Immigration and Visas, Life Resources or Studying
  • Making appointments for the doctor, dentist etc.
  • Registering for classes or courses (EAL, work training etc)